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Hey people! This is the U Talk page where I post all of the comments you guys send in that aren't questions. On the column on the right, your comments are posted. On the left are my replies! Cool, huh? Enjoy your semi-famous glory!


Name: Alyssa
Comment: Hey Gabby! I love the site. I can't wait to read the rest of the book!!! (p.s. i like the butterfly. Where'd you get it?). Well, buh-bye!


Hey Alyssa! Thanks a bunch for your comment! I can't wait until I find a good publisher! I hope you get to read the book soon! (p.s. i typed in 'purple butterfly' on google images to get the pic)

Name: hi
Comment: hello ur website rocks love cayla

Thanks for the comment Cayla! It's really cool that I actually get comments from site-viewers, so thanks! 

Name: Cayla
Comment: also i cant believe you made a book u r my romodle

Thanks again for your comments Cayla! I feel so excited knowing that there are people out there who actually look at my site and book preview and like what they see. Thanks!

Name: Jordan
Comment: Dear Gabby,Well you obviously know that it is me who is leaving you a comment! I mean, who else is at this very moment? I mean, not to be mean or anything... I really think that you should post your book on the site.. Or at least until you find a decent publisher!!! My mom tod you to be careful because some people on the internet are no good and have some sick mind to steal young authors books and make a gross profit off them! What sick people...  And not the good kinds! Even though I am only on the third chapter of your book, I think that it is really good and that if you do not find somebody to publish it by senior year, that I am  taking things into my own hands... Later!

Hey Jordan! Thanks for your comment, but I don't think I'll be able to publish it on the site. It's too long. Anyways, I'm glad you're concerned about my book, but I'm sure I'll be able to find a good publisher soon... Hopefully. I'm gonna ask at the library later,(which reminds me that I have a book overdue), to see if they have any ideas. Also, you have to hurry up and finish reading the book so you can help me work on Traek. I've got the HUGEST case of writer's block. Plus, remind me to never use a flash drive to store my book on again without copies cuz seriously, almost losing it freaked me out. Anyways, talk to you later! (And for all of you siteviewers, Jordan is one of my three editors, and that's why she's currently reading Fairy Dust)

Name: Jordan
Comment: Well, it's me again.  If you want my opinion on your site, I would give it 9 and 3/4 because, I think that you should have kept the blog.  It was a lot easier to read and it added some flare to the site. Well, See ya!

Thanks Jojo! The only reason I deleted the blog was because nobody really wrote in it. Anybody reading this reply, if you really want me to put the blog back, send me comments saying so and I'll reconsider.

Name: Alyssa
Comment: Gabby the site is turning out awesome! I love what you did to it (and yes that includes the random stuff too. =P) So, how did you find the iUniverse people?

Thanks Lyssa! Jordan's mom is acually the person who first found the iUniverse site and let me know about it, but I wasn't sure if it was really a scam or not until I found it in the Florida Publisher's Directory (since I'm moving there, I wanted to check it out) so, yeah. Talk to you later!

Name: WFP
Comment: Hey Gabby. The site is awesome. Get the book published soon! <3 u!

Thanks WFP! I'm gonna try to get it published really soon and hopefully it won't cost over a hundred dollars or something. Talk to you later!

Name: NA
Comments: we'd like to hear what your series is about, please post the first page on your website, we will love to read your books!

Well, I can't really give much away from the book considering it's not published and all, but there is an excerpt on the Fairy Dust page of the site! I'm sorry I can't go into detail, but I can tell you it's about this girl who, with her friends, have finally joined a magical world when suddenly that world is in danger and they are the only thing that can tip the balance between survival and destruction. Sorry, my description is a bit of a teaser, but that's all I can give right now. =S

Name: William Joseph Wellington II
Thanks William =)